I’ve focused full-time on climate action, mostly around transportation, since 2007. Late last year, I started More Mobility, a center of resources, advocacy, and consulting for transportation climate action through abundance.

Previously, I led major programs at CALSTART, one of North America’s most respected leaders for transportation climate technology and policy. There, I directed four productive annual cycles of legislative, regulatory, utility, and public funding advocacy in California, through which we codified the Low Carbon Fuel Standard for the period of 2020-2030, secured numerous wins for public transit and multimodal technologies, and helped to steer the electric vehicle industry through profound evolution.

During that time, I became taken by the need to confront car dependence and shifted roles to start CALSTART’s Innovative Mobility program, which included launching the Clean Mobility Options Voucher Pilot Project, the country’s largest zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) incentives program dedicated exclusively to deploying ZEVs creating new mobility pathways for communities in need.

Before CALSTART, I worked on building the business movement for climate action at BSR, one of the world’s most influential centers for corporate sustainability. I developed BSR’s first climate program, through which I managed advising, research, and coalitions for hundreds of companies, covering all sides of climate action internationally in various industries and their value chains. BSR’s climate program has provided–and continues to provide–leadership in the development of new standards for corporate climate accountability, the emergence of a professional practice for integrated climate management in business that has gone from nearly nonexistent to now standard in large companies, and the advancement of meaningful policy including at the United Nations level.

I was raised in small-town Oregon and have lived in China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Jordan, Mexico, and Kyrgyzstan, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Additional previous jobs include private bus driver and store clerk in a small family business starting at a young age.