I’m Ryan Schuchard, now operating More Mobility, a center of resources, advocacy, and consulting dedicated to unlocking transportation climate action. I founded More Mobility in late 2021 inspired by the untapped potential in creating transportation that gives people wealth, freedom, and joy.

I serve as a member of the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) for the City of Boulder, Colorado, appointed in 2021. TAB advises city staff and council on transportation matters and has played a key role in launching the development of a citywide network of protected bikeways on arterial streets, the Core Area Network (CAN). TAB is now supporting implementation of CAN and as well as other key initiatives such as implementation of the transportation master plan, climate strategy, and e-bike incentives.

I’m the dad of two young girls that have enthusiastically joined their parents in the movement for car-lite living year-round. I’m also an active volunteer for bike-related engagement around the school commute, and in building a neighborhood culture of bicycles before cars.